Rail Service by Union
Pacific & The BNSF Railway

About Us

±872 Acres with ±500,000 SF of Existing Industrial & Office Facilities

San Jacinto River and Rail is a unique industrial park that has the potential to offer dual-served rail access and on-site barge terminal service. The Park can easily be accessed from US Hwy 90, I10, and Sam Houston Tollway.

About Us

Welcome to San Jacinto River & Rail!

Our Services

Rail Access

The Park offers 3.5 miles of existing railroad ready for renovation for future tenant's use throughout the Park.

Barge Access

Full access facility for ships or logistic boats

Wastewater Treatment

The Park operates an industrial wastewater treatment facility with an available capacity of up twenty million gallons per day.

Surface Water Treatment

The Park has access to twenty million gallons of raw water per day from Lake Houston.

Property Highlights

± 872 Acres of Total Land Area

±500,000 SF of Existing Heavy Industrial Facilities & Office Buildings

Freestanding Buildings Available for Lease Ranging from ±3,500 SF up to 120,000 SF.

Land Sites available for Build-To-Suit Opportunities.

Paved or Stabilized Land Sites Available Ranging from ±2 Acres to ±20 Acres.

Small Office Space Options Available for Tenants who Lease Improved Land Sites.

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