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      Rail Access

There are currently 3.5 miles of existing rail throughout the Park. Putting it back in service is a top priority and critical to the profitability of San Jacinto River and Rail tenants.

The facility is perfectly located on the Lafayette line, owned 50/50 by the Union Pacific Railroad and the BNSF Railroad. Both rail companies have track rights to serve the Park, and the Lafayette line is considered the most profitable rail line in Texas due to traffic volume.

      Barge Access

When this facility operated as a paper mill, barges on the San Jacinto River were used to haul the sludge waste out of holding ponds for off-site disposal.

Remnants of the sheet piling, and pipe works from the ponds are still visible today.

      Wastewater Treatment

The Park operates an industrial wastewater treatment facility with an available capacity of up twenty million gallons per day.

The treated wastewater is discharged through a 42-inch line in a 13.1-mile-long easement owned by the Park to the Houston Ship Channel, allowing for discharge limits much greater than are available elsewhere.

      Surface Water Treatment

The surface water treatment plant was once capable of drawing and treating 20 million gallons of raw water per day from Lake Houston.

The plant was designed as a sediment filtration system and was used to provide treated water critical to the paper production process, as well as the property-wide fire system and on-site power plant. In its current state, the plant is unable to treat raw water, but its storage capabilities are still in use, and we can supplement our water needs with captured rainwater.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Visit our contact section.

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